Project 20 Archive Events

Project 20  – Event Archive – Oct 2009 – January 2011

As part of Project 20, Salamanda Tandem have run a series of targeted seminars, training courses and special events across the East Midlands. All of these events have been written up and at the end of Project 20 will form part of a new publication.

Seminars and Training Courses

EMPAF National Conference at Derby QUAD – October 16th 2009– seminar led by Isabel Jones – A round ownership,

Derby Quad – The Art of Participation Exhibition – October – November 2009 – salamanda tandem case study and installation (image below)

Image: Salamanda Tandem, Dancers: Victoria, Mickel, Lisa, Julie and Alice, Design: Richard Hughes, Photo: Geoffrey Fielding

The  Foundation for Community Dance (FCD) – Dance and Ethics led  by Isabel Jones and Miranda Tuffnell at The Curve, Leicester

FCD  – Dance and Disabled People summer school at De’Montfort Uni. with course leader Isabel Jones and visiting dance and disabled people tutors: Jo Verrant, Lisa Simpson and DJ

New Art Exchange – Sound Connection Dec 2009 seminar led by Isabel Jones with Nottinghamshire Parents with Children on the Autistic Spectrum

Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts, Lincoln University. – 2 seminars led by Isabel Jones – a Community Dance Seminar 2009 and a Therapeutic Dance Seminar – Nov 2010.

EMPAF at The Palace Media Centre – seminar networking event with EMPAF partners and salamanda tandem contributing

Rufford Arts Centre – training event led by Isabel Jones  – Arts Work With People – conduits of access with Nottinghamshire County Council

Work and Play Project Telford – an arts project for learning disabled people – 3 year evaluation and arts training project – led by Isabel Jones salamanda tandem and Kevin Hodgetts Arty Party.

Lincolnshire Dance – Aiming Higher for Disabled Children Training Project led by Isabel Jones and Stella Couloutbanis

Rufford Arts Centre Gallery – Schools Out – Salamanda Tandem case study and installation on exhibition with Artists Duncan Chapman, Geoffrey Fielding and Isabel Jones and Newark Orchard Special School, February – March 2010

De Montfort University Seminar – Led by Isabel Jones on ‘Inclusive Dance’ October 2010

The Water Tower, Northamptonshire – 3 day collaborative event September 2010 between learning disabled artists and salamanda tandem.  Performances and an outdoor exhibition

Nottingham Contemporary – 15th November Launch of 2nd Provocation around the issue of ethical social engagement (free event – book with Fergus Brazil: (East Midlands School of Social Entrepreneurs)

Autism Conference – 24th November Glasgow (open event for all – bookings with The Scottish Society of Autism)

Plymouth University Dance Department – 25th November ( Targeted Event)

Plymouth University Psychology and Dance Department 25th Nov  ( open seminar /event)

De’ Montfort University Dance Department Leicester – 29th November  – Lecture ( Targeted Event)

Rufford Craft Centre – Gallery – 20th Jan 2011 3 – 5pm (Living Room Provocation / interaction for Nottingham/shire practitioners)

Rufford Craft Centre – Gallery – 21st January 2011 10.30  – 2.3pm (Living Room Installation open for the general public

Participatory Events

Image: Leroy Grant – Work and Play Artist, Arty Party, Telford

Participatory events and Site Specific performances for learning disabled people and friends

The Water Tower, Northamptonshire – 3 day collaborative event September 2010 between learning disabled artists and salamanda tandem.  Performances and an outdoor exhibition

Living Room Installation – Rufford Craft Centre  – Gallery 19th – 21st January 2011 – workshops 10 – 3pm ( 5 shadowing opportunities for dancers and musicians)

Living Room Installation – Humberstone Special School Grimsby – 2 – 4th Feb 2011 (3 shadowing opportunities for dancers and musicians available)

Journey Into Health – West Bridgford Bowls Club Nottinghamshire – January – April 2011 weekly movement sessions for people over 65.

Living Room – Villa Strauli Zurich -7th – 9th March 2011


Image: salamanda tandem, Dancers: Laura and Isabel, Design: Richard Hughes, Photo: Geoffrey Fielding

Dance and Disabled People Handbook – Author Isabel Jones published by the Foundation for Community Dance September 2010 (available for purchase on line at:

Passport to Practice – Author Diane Amans Published by Foundation for Community Dance – section on ‘inclusive dance’ written by Isabel Jones

Branded by Art Form – Authors Kevin Hodgetts and Isabel Jones – our article is one in a new collection of articles about to be published by EMPAF:

Work and Play Evaluation Report Year 1 and 2 – Author Isabel Jones. Arty Party Telford (Internal Document)

Thank you Project 20 – Funding, Key Partners and Individuals

Project 20 is supported financially by Arts Council England (East Midlands),  National Lottery through arts Council England and Nottinghamshire County Council

Salamanda Tandem launched Project 20 in October 2009 at the EMPAF Participatory Arts conference – Passion, Partnerships and Empowering People which was held at Derby QUAD

Partners supporting Project 20 are: EMPAF ( East Midlands Participatory Arts Forum), the Foundation For Community Dance, New Art Exchange, Derby Quad, Nottingham Contemporary, Embrace Arts, Lincoln Centre For Performing Arts, Nottinghamshire Bowls Clubs, EMARAN ( East Midlands Arts in Rural Areas Network), Leeds University – Department of Performance and Culture, EM School of Social Entrepreneurs, Nottinghamshire County Council, County Council Cultural Services – Diversity and Inclusion, Lincolnshire Dance, The Water Tower (Rosalind Stoddart), Arts Council East Midlands,  Arty Party – Work and Play Project and The Firebird Trust.

Key individuals Supporting salamanda tandem and the project are:

Julie Hood, Duncan Chapman, Dallas Simpson, Kevin Hodgetts, Tony Baker, Mickel Smithen, Lisa Craddock, Geoffrey Fielding, Adam Benjamin, Kayla Doughan-Bowtell, Fergus Brazil, Helena Nicolao, Lewis Jones, Stella Couloutbanis, Diane Bailey Andy Eathorne, Martin Knox, Richard Hughes and Rosalind Stoddart.

Board members: Chair: Sibyl Burgess and board members: Lyn Watson, Laura Guthrie, Lisa Craddock, Elaine Newton Fox.

All of whom have given time, serious thought, support and creativity to salamanda tandem over the last 12 months. Thank You!!

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