White Cane On UK Tour 2015 – 2018

Salamanda Tandem: UK Tour 2016 – 2018

White Cane: “a unique experience of ‘sonic vision'”


Photo: Geoffrey Fielding

White Cane received one of the prestigious composer curator awards from Sound and Music to develop a new series of site specific performances touring nationally. Then an arts council grant to actually go on tour!

An intriguingly novel way for audiences wearing radio headsets to re-imagine city centre spaces all around the UK, White Cane starts from the vantage point of a visually impaired long cane user’s movement; we hear the ground underneath our feet, sense the shift of air between the buildings, and play with the world around with sung audio description as our guide in performance.

White Cane is the latest in a series of performances that Salamanda Tandem has created in collaboration with blind and visually impaired performers exploring perceptions of the world through movement, touch, sound and presence.

White Cane was originally commissioned by Ludus Festival Leeds July 2014, as the 3rd in a trilogy of new sensory art works started in 2013. Read here.
Current A5 heightG0020115
Photo Geoffrey Fielding Performer: Takashi Kikuchi

Listen to a short sample of music from White Cane here:

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