Salamanda Tandem People

Artistic Director Isabel Jones

Happy List 

Isabel is an experienced collaborator, soundartist, singer, composer, choreographer and director of Salamanda Tandem UK, (est 1989). For 30 years Isabel has brought together performance, sound, movement, visual and sensory artists from the UK and all over the world, to make art works that cross boundaries between people and art forms to celebrate and cultivate human creativity. As director of Salamanda Tandem and a prolific creator and collaborator, her work has attracted  Arts Council strategic organisation funding, and Grants for The Arts/National Lottery subsidy since 1994. In addition to that, Isabel as attracted grants, awards and commissions from the EU, Department of Trade and Industry, Nottinghamshire, Staffordshire, local authorities, Leeds University, Tallinn University, Opera North, Baerum Kulturhus Norway, Muse Company Japan, to name a very few. The key driver being meaningful relationships, and no-one more than Isabel accepts the role of artistic collaboration in that. Working across the fields of music, dance, visual arts, architecture, social care, academia, and health, she has directed, over 50 larger scale music and dance works, and many smaller ones.

Artist Collaborators whose work is featured on this site:

Poet/Musician composer: Tony Baker. Voice Artist: Nathan Campbell. Film Maker/academic: Stuart Collinson. Composer: Duncan Chapman. Curator: Stella Couloutbanis. Photographer/Yoga Teacher / Osteopath: Geoffrey Fielding. Technical Support / Advocacy: Derek Grant. Writer: Esther Harris. Dance Artist/ Care Professional: Julie Hood. Designer: Richard Hughes. Conceptual designer / voice: Lewis Jones. Viola Player/composer: Takashi Kikuchi. Creativity Evaluator/Composer: Ray Kohn. Artist Advocate: Laura Mansford. Dancer/choreographer: Helena Nicolao. Movement and Advocacy: Caroline Robinson. Tabla Player/musician: Biant Singh.  Dance Artist: Indra Slavena. Dance Artist: Mickel Smithen. Dance Artist/yoga teacher: Natalie Speake. Dance Artist: Sam White.  Performer: Polly Wiltshire. Dramaturgy: Mick Wallis

Artists working on Current projects

Soundwalk into Wellbeing Current project

Co-Creators: Soundwalk Into Wellbeing: Isabel Jones and Biant Singh


White Cane Touring project 2016- 2018

White Cane Co-composers / co-directors: Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman


Co-Creator: Viola Player White Cane Takashi Kikuchi


Co-Creator Performer White Cane: Mickel Smithen


Previous projects associate artists in action below:

JT0C1704-Edit-Edit Indra


IMG-3354 Leroy and Tony

JT0C2535 Indra

Nottingham Contemporary--2 Mickel and Isabel

JT0C3949 Mick

JT0C3787 Natalie, Takashi, Mickel, Isabel and Chemaine

Villa Strauli-3022 Helena, Isabel

Hadley--3 Julie

JT0C3901 Natalie and Polly in Leeds City Centre

JT0C2509 Ray

JT0C2488 Stella and Audience Members


Duncan, Isabel and Robbie

dscf3181Sam, Indra


Company and Board Members:

Chair = Lisa Holmes (Producer)

Geoffrey Fielding (Osteopath),

Caroline Robinson (dancer/early years teacher trainer)

Company Manager: Stella Couloutbanis

Artistic Director: Isabel Jones

Adviser: Sibyl Burgess (Curator).

Dramaturgy: Mick Wallis ( Emeritus Professor Leeds University PCI)


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