Funders and Collaborators

Salamanda Tandem Celebrating 30 years of Collaboration

Over 30 years, Salamanda Tandem has been supported by hundreds of people: artists, education, health and social care practitioners, funders, commissioners, organisations, family members, volunteers and partners. People have given their life and soul to Salamanda Tandem, generating a life force of fascinating, challenging and inspiring art projects, born out of collaboration, a passion for creative innovation, social engagement, and a consistent pursuit of attitudinal change in disabling attitudes towards people. We do it via the medium of ART: Music, Dance, Light, Writing, Film, Poetry, Sculpture, Photography, Painting, Costume, Architecture, Installation, Voice, Sensory Performance.

To achieve our program of performances, exhibitions, Recently, we calculated that we had received just over 1 million pounds over a 25-year period from Arts Council England, Arts Council East Midlands and Arts Council Grants For The Arts. For a small artist-led company this ‘is’ faith in us.

All of whom have given time, serious thought, support and creativity to salamanda tandem over the last 30 years. Thank You!!

So here starts a list and we’d like you to write to add to it if you’ve contributed to Salamanda Tandem and haven’t appeared yet on it……

Artists, Performers, Designers, Consultants, Academics and Producers

Isabel Jones, Geoffrey Fielding, Lewis Jones, Lisa Holmes, Mick Wallis, Duncan Chapman, Esther Harris, Stella Couloutbanis, Ray Kohn, Mickel Smithen, Takashi Kikuchi, Julie Hood, Stuart Collinson, Biant Singh, Tony Baker, Dallas Simpson, Alan Parkinson, Nathan Campbell, Indra Slavena, Natalie Speake, Polly Wiltshire, Kevin Hodgetts, Chemaine Cooke, Adam Benjamin, Kayla Doughan-Bowtell, Helena Nicolao, Andy Eathorne, Rosalind Stoddart. Adam Chilliot, Victoria Gannon, Faith Jackson, Steve Wiseman, Bronwen Jones, Jo Webster, Vivien Ellis, Kei Ito, Jo Fairfax, Dario Rumbo, Karen Mok, Lee Sass, Rupert Blomfield, Diane Bailey, Geoff Young, Rachel Jones, Claire Simpson, Elaine Newton, Emma Williams, Naomi Mutoh, Stephen Jon, Patrick Beelhart, Eeva Maria Mukta, Keith Barlow and John Haynes of Guizers Dance Mime Theatre, Oksana Tyminska, Gerard Renvez, Julia Howarth, Martha Wildman, Arec Prentice, Moira Smiley, Rachel Hicken, Kate Haughton, Debbie Milner, Naomi Line, Bryony Jones, Martine Lyons, Rachel Line, Richard Lindsay, Jeremy Avis, Gwilym Jones, Chandra Chapman, Dominic Jones, Paddy Fitton-Jones, Robbie Fitton-Jones, Mike McInerney, Sue Bish, Liam Flynn, Suzanne Barlow, Seth Barlow, Geoff Pickance, Lee Parkinson, Ann Kilcoyne, Marie Fitzpatrick, Tim Timinski, Andrew Williams, Mel Smith, Sally Reynolds, Ros Hawley, Tamas Markos, Kate Luxmoore and Lecan Babalola of Ifa Yoruba Trust, Mark Locket, Trevor Lines, Anurikha Ghosh, Mohinder Singh, Helen Segal, Tamami Yamada, Alice Crick, Andrew Lancaster, Chris Hickman, Julian Turner, Mark Tribble, Peter Byworth, Sophie Wright, Mark Ingleby, Jo Ingleby, Janet Flynn, Richard Roddis Singers, Mike Luck, Pamela Leung, Maria Fuk Law, Simon Cunningham, Wendy Lawson, Betty Codona, Kunie Akita, Un Yamada, Usha Mahenthiralingam, Jess Kemp, Ann Bentley, Lucy Killingly, Leonard Jackson, Sophie Wright, Julie Smith, Andrea Buckley, Suzanne Burns, Francois Matarrasso, Martha Blassnegg, Sarah Kettley, Amy Lawrence, Stuart Jones, Ruth Marchewicz, Leila Newton-Fox, Emma Johnson, Jo Rowland, Ju Blencoe, Jayne Devlin, Simon Steptoe, Dave Dernley, Vivien McVeagh, Leonora Mead, Elizabeth Morley, Helen Peak, Tony Taylor, Nikki Kemp, Rod Callow, Zoe Hall, Ingrid Ashberry, Freya Barlow, Blue Firth, Caroline Robinson, Sue Ansell, Derek Grant,

Funders and Commissioners of Our Projects

Soundwalk Into Wellbeing 2016 – 2019

Nottinghamshire County Council Better Carers Fund, Arts Council England through the National Lottery, Rushcliffe Commissioning Group, Nottinghamshire CC Co-Production team, Rushcliffe Carers, Salamanda Tandem

White Cane 2014 – 2018

Ludus Festival, PCI Leeds University, Sound and Music, Spitalfields Music, Firstsite, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival //hcmf, Arts Council England Through The National Lottery,

Arts Work With People Project 2004 – 2014

Professor Mick Wallis Department of Performance and Cultural Industries Leeds University (PCI)

Touchstone and Fragile 2012 – 2013: Funders, Key Partners

Dance, Arts and Visual Impairment, Tallinn University Estonia

European Union Culture Programme, Bærum Kulturhus, Kjersti Kramm Engebrigsten, Tallinn University, Bærum Kulturhus, Vo’Arte, Salamanda Tandem, Dance Theatre Tee Kuubis, Film Studio Ikoon Ltd, Põhja-Eesti Pimedate Ühing [North Estonian Association for the Blind] Sponsors: Eesti Kultuurkapital [Cultural Endowment of Estonia], Kulturrådet, Arts Council Norway, Governo de Portugal, Secretario de Estado da Cultura [Government of Portugal, Secretary of State for Culture]. National Lottery through Arts Council England, British Council Estonia, Royal Norwegian Embassy Tallinn, DGArtes: Direção-Geral das Artes [Directorate General of the Arts], Norwegian Embassy, Norges Blindeforbund [Norwegian Blind Association], Braille Bureau Nottinghamshire County Council (UK)

Project 20 2009 – 2012 – Funders, Key Partners and Academic Contributors

The Foundation For Community Dance, New Art Exchange, Derby Quad, Nottingham Contemporary, Embrace Arts, Lincoln Centre For Performing Arts Lincoln University, Nottinghamshire Bowls Clubs, EMARAN (East Midlands Arts in Rural Areas Network), EMPAF, Leeds University – Department of Performance and Culture, EM School of Social Entrepreneurs, Nottinghamshire County Council, County Council Cultural Services – Diversity and Inclusion, Lincolnshire Dance, The Water Tower (Rosalind Stoddart), Arts Council East Midlands,  Arty Party – Work and Play Project, Trent University and The Firebird Trust. Francois Matarrasso, Martha Blassnegg (Plymouth University), Sarah Kettley (Trent University) and Staffordshire County Council Dance Officer Alison Lord.

Site Dance Site Music 2008 Hadley Learning Community: Funders Key Partners

Impact Art, Telford and Wrekin Borough Council, Interserve, Hadley Learning Community,

Corrosion 2004 – 2005

Opera North, Bonnington Gallery Trent University

Triptych 1999 – 2003

Lincoln City Council, Lincoln Cathedral, City Of Nottingham, Firebird Trust, Nottinghamshire County Council

To be continued…….

Thank you to all Our Board members


Lisa Holmes (Current Chair 2014)  Geoffrey Fielding and Caroline Robinson

Previous Board members:

Sibyl Burgess (Chair 2008 – 2014), Stella Couloutbanis (Chair 200 – 2008) Lyn Watson, Laura Guthrie, Elaine Newton Fox, Mick Wallis, Geoffrey Fielding (Current), Caroline Robinson (Current) James Hutchinson, Nick Hodge, Chris Stenton, Julie Smith


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