List Of Performance Works

29 Year List of Salamanda Tandem (ST) Works 1990 – 2019

Salamanda Tandem Gratefully Acknowledge Arts Council England, Arts Council East Midlands and Arts Council Grants for The Arts Through The National Lottery who have supported all the following new works, and Nottinghamshire County Council who since 1990 have supported the company and continue to support it in 2019:

List of Works in Descending Order 2019 – 1990

SoundWalk into Wellbeing (ST) Oct 2018, for Canalside Heritage Centre Beeston Lock. Commissioned by the Better Carers Fund, Nottinghamshire County Council. A unique performance Concept, designed by Isabel Jones and Biant Singh (Co-Production Social Worker, Notts County Council). Music composed and performed by Isabel Jones, Tabla Biant Singh. With support from Dan Godley Nottinghamshire County Council. Geoff Curtis and The Carers Council, Technical & facilitative support Geoffrey Fielding, Derek Grant, Sue Ansell and Caroline Robinson

SoundWalk into Wellbeing (ST) Oct 2016 – 2018, For Bridgford Park: Autumn 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017, Winter 2018. Commissioned with support from RMHC, and Better Carers Fund. 4 unique performance events designed for 4 seasons. Concept and designed by Isabel Jones and Biant Singh (Co-Production Social Worker, Notts County Council), Music composed by Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman. Tabla Biant Singh

11 Million Reasons to Dance Audio Description People Dancing 2017, 2018; a series of 20 audio description works for photographs and 3 other works for film, commissioned by People Dancing, composed, scripted and audio described by Isabel Jones, to accompany this internationally successful exhibition of photographs featuring disabled performers who dance. People Dancing Director Louise Wildish, Photographer Sean Goldthorpe

White Cane June 2014 (ST)                 Premiere of this New Site Specific Work commissioned by Ludus Festival and The Department of Performance and Culture, Leeds Uni. For Victoria Gardens in Central Leeds. Directed by Isabel Jones. Co-choreographed by Mickel Smithen, Co-composed by Isabel Jones, Duncan Chapman and Takashi Kikuchi. Dramaturgy Mick Wallis

White Cane 2016 and 2017 and 2018 (ST) UK National Tour of international festivals, site specific locations: City Street, A City Garden, a Railway Station, a Local Park, various Corridors and access routes. Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman received the prestigious Sound and Music composer / curator award to set up a national tour of White Cane with Viola Player Takashi Kikuchi, and performer Mickel Smithen. The work was also supported by Arts Council England and toured to Spitalfields Contemporary Music Festival 2016 and 2017, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival Spring and Autumn 2016 and Colchester First Sight Gallery Spring and Autumn 2016. The Curve Leicester with People Dancing Winter 2017. DMU Interfaces International New Music Conference September 2018. And a whisper that we’ll be taking it to Japan.

Internet of Soft Things 2015 (ST, MIND, and Nottingham Trent University) Commissioned by Trent University Product Design Three  films made by photographer Geoffrey Fielding and director/composer Isabel Jones, as part of a AHRC funded research project exploring person centred therapy, product design and computer science. The films have been shown nationally and internationally at many conferences on wellbeing and design during the autumn of 2015. Including ITAG: international gaming conference in Nottingham, Increasing Access in Mental Health Care Kings Fund London, Art, Design and New Technology for Health and the V and A,

Made In Corby Touchstone Corby Cube March 2014 (ST)                                     Site Specific Performance at Corby Cube. On the slope going through the library. Commissioned by Made In Corby with Fermynwoods Contemporary Art. Isabel Jones Director/ Choreographer/ Audio Describer. Music co-composed by: Isabel Jones, & Duncan Chapman. Performers: Isabel Jones, Duncan Chapman and Mickel Smithen.

Open Doors March /June 2014 (VIVA)       Commissioned by VIVA Orchestra. 3 new music Orchestral Concerts and installation with VIVA Orchestra at Ashmount Special School Loughborough and De’Montfort Hall, Leicester codirected/composed by Duncan Chapman and Isabel Jones. With 16 learning disabled children and their teachers alongside 8 Orchestral players.

Can’t Stop Me Shining December 2014 (ST and VoArte)                              International screening with VoArte’s International film festival in Lisbon

Can’t Stop Me Shining 2014 (ST and Oskabright)      Award to tour nationally to alternative cinemas and festivals with Oskabright Festival of art by learning disabled people

ReSound June 2013 (Woodend Barn)                                     Children’s Opera in Aberdeenshire, involving 120 rural school children, written and directed by composer Duncan Chapman, and singer Isabel Jones. Commissioned by Woodend Barn Aberdeenshire

Gesture Corby Cube March – March 2013 (ST)                          Site Specific Residency at Corby Cube. Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art awarded to Isabel Jones Director/ Choreographer/composer to develop Sung Audio Description as a choreographic art from. Dancers: Indra Slavena and Mickel Smithen.

FRAGILE? Estonia October 2011 – April 2013 (ST)   Commissioned by Baerum Kultuhus Norway with EU funding. Isabel Jones was the UK director/ choreographer and Curator of Fragile? working to develop links to 18 European countries. The project explores new performance work led by the aesthetic and creativity of visually impaired artists.

FRAGILE? Estonia Ad Astra April 2013 (ST) Commissioned by Baerum Kulturhus Norway, Tallinn University, and VoArte, with Arts Council Funding supported by the National Lottery. 21 UK, Norwegian, Estonian and Portuguese performers as well as 80 symposium delegates in site specific / collective performance. Directed and Choreographed by Isabel Jones, Sung Audio Description / Music composed by Isabel Jones, Co-composer Duncan Chapman, Dancers: Indra Slavena and Mickel Smithen

Gesture Corby Cube March – July 2013 (ST)                          Site Specific Residency at Corby Cube. Commissioned by Fermynwoods Contemporary Art awarded to Isabel Jones Director/ Choreographer/composer to develop Sung Audio Description as a choreographic art from. Dancers: Indra Slavena and Mickel Smithen.

Ad Astra For The Water Tower June 2013 (ST)      Site Specific performance designed for the artist, Rosalind Stoddard’s home Sculpture, lawn, hedges and living room at The Water Tower. Directed by Isabel Jones. Dancer Indra Slavena, Performer: Mickel Smithen, Composer / Musician: Isabel Jones

Quarry-o-sion September 2013 (ST)  New music and dance Work commissioned by Wirksworth Festival in Shaws Quarry, Derbyshire. A 4-hour durational piece with radio headsets, directed by Isabel Jones, curated by Stella Couloutbanis, composed by Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman, Dancer Indra Slavena, technician/photographer: Geoffrey Fielding

Touchstone Rufford Craft Centre September 2013 – Oct 2013 (ST)       Salamanda Tandem solo exhibition for Rufford Craft Centre Gallery. Curator: Geoffrey Fielding, Isabel Jones and Stella Couloutbanis. Photographers Geoffrey Fielding, Richard Hughes Kate Haughton, Rachel, Geoff Young. Film: Isabel Jones, Sound installation Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman. Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council

Living Room 1999 – 2013 (ST)          Commissioned by  Leeds University PCI,   Zion Arts Centre, Manchester DIGM 2002, The Arts Centre Telford 2004 and 2005, Nottingham Rosehill Special School 2005, Bretton Hall PCI 2006, Leeds University Parkinson Building Gallery 2007, Nottingham Trent University 2007, Grimsby Special School 2009, Rufford Craft Centre 2011; Nottinghamshire County Council, Grimsby Special School 2011, Leeds PCI Student Union for Ludus Festival 2012

Living Room is Salamanda Tandem’s national touring performance installation / research project, supporting learning disabled people and their families and carers to develop their creativity through technology and interaction with some of the UK’s most experienced performance artists Living Room was first staged as a large scale installation / performance piece for 120 disabled young people in Manchester. Living room is also a research project and work in progress and has been seen a number of times in different manifestations with different groups nationally and is aimed at the exploration of spontaneous movement and sound in performance. Artist Team Isabel Jones, Stuart Collinson, Duncan Chapman and Lisa Craddock

Can’t Stop Me Shining 2012 Project 20 (ST)      Sound Art Film on Exhibition for Embrace Arts Leicester. Words Nathan Campbell Music: Isabel Jones, Film Kevin Hodgetts.

From The River to The Sea 2011 Royal Opera House   Commissioned by the Royal Opera House     Sound Installation /Performance for upper corridor of The Royal Opera House created by composers Duncan Chapman and Isabel Jones 

Site Dances 2011 Project 20 (ST)                        Site specific works for Nottingham Contemporary and New Art Exchange. Directed by Isabel Jones, Dancers Isabel Jones and Mickel Smithen. Photographer: Geoffrey Fielding

Impossible Birds. Oct 2010 Project 20 (ST, Three and Work+Play)                 Performance Event              Dance / voice solo performed by Isabel Jones  with Tony Baker’s French Jazz trio ‘Three’ at the Water Tower, Northamptonshire, and an exhibition of sculpture created by 15 learning disabled people – Work+ Play. Directed by Isabel Jones, Music: Tony Baker and Three with singer Isabel Jones, Hosted by Rosalind Stoddard

House Concert Leeds. Sept 2010 (ST)  A dance / object solo directed by Isabel Jones with Los Angeles based voice Duet ‘Voco’ and Moira Smiley in Leeds

Impossible Birds July and September 2010 Project 20 (ST and Work+Play)                   Impossible Birds Exhibition was the culmination of a 3 year project with 45 learning disabled people where Isabel Jones / Salamanda Tandem trained a local team and supported the development of 28 LD artists and founded Arty Party with Kevin Hodgetts, Disability Development officer. Telford and Wrekin District Council.

Villa Strauli Living Room June 2010 Project 20 (ST and Helena Nicolao)                     Site Specific Collaboration with Helena Nicolao as part of her artist in residency at Villa Strauli in Winterthur, Switzerland. Co directed Isabel Jones and Helena Nicolao. Music Isabel Jones

My place to Learn March 2009 (ST) Dance and Music residency and performance at The Palace Theatre Newark, involving 75 disabled and non-disabled school children for their new PFI building project in Newark. Music Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman, Images Geoffrey Fielding. Facilitator Gwilym Jones. Commissioned by Notts County Council

Site Dance Site Music – July 2008 (ST)    Community Launch Event of new building. New Art Exchange, Nottingham               Directed and choreographed by Isabel Jones, dancer/choreographer Julie Hood and Mickel Smithen. Music composed by Isabel Jones

New Art Exchange VIP Launch Sept 2008 (ST)  Commissioned by New Art Exchange, Nottingham.  Site Dance Site Music Launch performance for VIP’s at the grand opening of the building, Directed and Choreographed by Isabel Jones with dancer / choreographer: Julie Hood, and dancers Isabel Jones and Mickel Smithen. Music composed by Isabel Jones

Red Start Concert Blaison Goyer France May 2007 (ST and the Jazz Trio Three)               A music quartet and site specific performance for a house in France directed by Isabel Jones and Tony Baker with co-creators/musicians: Denni, Eric, Tony and Isabel.

Site Dances June & July 2007 (ST)   Commissioned by Redmak architects for British Architecture week – 2 site specific performances for launch of 2 new buildings Revive, and Stepping stones in Derby, Directed by Isabel Jones and Julie Hood with a company of disabled dancers

Site Dance Site Music July 2007 – June 2008 (ST)                 Commissioned by Impact Arts. 6 month Residency, 6 month evaluation project, Installation, and series of performances, for a new multi million pound PFI government flagship learning community in Telford. Hadley Learning Community. Directed by Isabel Jones with designer Richard Hughes and co-composers Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman, photographer Geoffrey Fielding, Co-choreographer Julie Hood, producer Lisa Craddock, a company of disabled dancers and 2000 people engaged in the creative process.

Site Dance Site Music February 2007 (ST)                              Launch Event –  Site Specific performance for the Community VIP Launch Event at Telford Learning Community. Directed by Isabel Jones with dancers Mickel Smithen and Isabel Jones. Commissioned by Impact Arts and Telford Borough Council

Light and Movement 2005/6/7 (ST)   A silent solo performed 9 times nationally by Isabel. Directed and choreographed by Isabel Jones, sculptor Rosalind Stoddart and Andy Eathorne

Boneskinphonie 2006   (ST and Helena Nicolao)          Commissioned by Dusseldorf Municipal and Arts Council Germany . Dance work made in Collaboration with Choreographer Helena Nicolao in Düsseldorf. Co-directed by Isabel Jones and Helena Nicolao

Nipson 2006 (ST)                                  A new solo dance/ sculpture/voice work Commissioned by Oundle International music festival. Directed, choreographed and danced by Isabel Jones, Music: John Tavener, Sculptor Rosalind Stoddart, Technician Andy Eathorne

Cor-e-osion 2006 (ST)                         New adaptation of ‘corrosion’ for French tour – to Angers, involving dance, poetry, and jazz trio. Directed and choreographed by Isabel Jones with poet and musician Tony Baker

Cor-e-osion 2006 (ST)                         New adaptation of ‘corrosion’ for Lagrasse in southern France live music, dance, poetry, sculpture. Directed / co-composed by Isabel Jones, co-composer Duncan Chapman, Libretto Tony Baker, Sculpture Geoffrey Fielding, Dancers Lisa Craddock and Isabel Jones

Stabat Mater 2005 (ST)                       A new dance and choral work. Commission by Lincoln Cathedral for the Easter Vigil, and the Sinfonia Chorale. Directed and Choreographed by Isabel Jones, Dancers: Karen Mok, Julie Hood and Isabel Jones. Music: Domenico Scarlatti, Singers Sinfonia Chorale and Sculptor Rosalind Stoddart. Also performed at Wirksworth Church with a community dance ensemble

Diaspora 2004 (ST and Ifa Yoruba Trust)                     Commissioned Birmingham City Council and WMA. A touring piece of music / dance theatre involving Asian, African and European dancers and musicians. Directed by Isabel Jones. Music: Pretam Singh, Kate Luxmore, Mark Locket, Lecan Babalola, and Dancers: Eva Maria Mukta,

Corrosion 2004 (ST)                  Commissioned by Opera North.           An Installation, performance and Album. Directed by Isabel Jones. Librettist Tony Baker, Co-Composers Isabel Jones and Duncan Chapman and singer Moira Smiley. Sculptor: Gerard Renvez

Dance Light 2004 (ST)                         A new solo dance/sculpture work made for Fermynwoods Gallery, and Warwick Art Gallery. Dancer Choreographer Director: Isabel Jones, Sculptor Rosalind Stoddart, Technician / Maker: Andy Eathorne

Via Crucis 2003 Eye Contact Dance Company (ST)    Commissioned by The Sinfonia Chorale. Directed /choreographed by Isabel Jones, Co-choreographer Keith Barlow, Choir master Sinfonia Chorale Richard Roddis A site specific dance, choral work piece set in Southwell Minster – For full choir and 16 dancers with and without sight: Lewis Jones, Gwilym Jones, Rachel Jones, Lisa Craddock, Stuart Jones, Isabel Jones, James Hutchinson, Keith Barlow, Suzanne Barlow, Elaine Newton Fox, Leela Newton Fox, Eva Maria Mukta, Emma Johnson, Amy Lawrence, Jo Rowland, Ruth Marchewicz. Via Crucis Music – Franz Liszt.

Le Festin 2003 (ST)                             New work Commissioned by Lakeside and Dance 4 – A film and dance made for the Gala opening of Nottingham’s new Lakeside Arts Centre. Directed by Isabel Jones with French Sculptor Gerard Renvez, Dancers: Julie Hood, Isabel Jones, Karen Mok, Martha Wildman.

Triptych Tour 2002 – 2003 (ST)          Touring to Lincoln, Leicester Cathedrals, The Church of The Holy Sepulcre, Northampton. Lakeside Arts Centre and Derby Dance(DEDA) in the East Midlands with regional lottery funding. Involved 8 professional dancers, 4 professional singers, children choir and children’s gamelan orchestra. Directed and choreographed by Isabel Jones. Co-choreographer: Julie Hood. Dancers: Julie Hood, Karen Mok, Martha Wildman, and Isabel Jones. Co-Composers Isabel Jones, Vivien Ellis, Moira Smiley, Jeremy Avis. Singers: Naomi Line, Rachel Line, Bryony Jones, Isabel Jones, Martine Lyons, Aric Prentice, and Richard Lindsay.  Duncan Chapman director / composer of the Firebird Trust Gamelan Orchestra: Rod Callow, Chandra Chapman, Dave Dernley, Dominic Jones, Nikki Kemp, Vivien McVeagh, Leonora Mead, Elizabeth Morley, Helen Peake, Tony Taylor. Made possible with an arts council regional arts touring award

Architects of Air 1999 – 2004 (ST and AoA)    Osmosis – a series of performance and participatory project inside the massive luminaria structures made by Alan Parkinson touring internationally for Architects of Air

Total Immersion – 2000 (ST)                Commissioned by Notts County Council for Watering Seeds. A touring show for 16 performers with learning disabilities, directed by Isabel Jones, Choreographers Lisa Craddock and Eeva Maria Mutka, Music Duncan Chapman, Isabel Jones and Andrew Williams

Triptych 1999 (ST)                                 Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council. Site specific Dance, Music, haute couture work made for Southwell Minster. Directed and Choreographed by Isabel Jones, assistant choreographer Julie Hood, Sculptor Jo Fairfax, Co –Composers Vivien Ellis, Isabel Jones and Moira Smiley and haute-couture costume designer Kei Ito. Dancers: Karen Mok, Julie Hood, Maria Law, and Isabel Jones, Singer Jeremy Avis, Southwell Minster boys choir directed by

Eye Behind the Eye 1998   Eye Contact Dance Company (ST)    A national touring performance revealing the inner world of Lewis Jones as a deafblind man. 12 blind and sighted dancers Concept: Lewis Jones. Co-Choreographers: Keith Barlow, Lisa Craddock and Isabel Jones. Music Isabel Jones

Light House 1996 (ST)                          Commissioned by Now Festival for Wollaton Hall, Museum Nottinghams. The 2nd in a series of 3 dance / light / voice / sculpture works which toured nationally to historic landmarks with Japanese Butoh dancers and medieval singers. Directed / Choregraphed by Isabel Jones, Co-composers Vivien Ellis and Isabel Jones. Sculptor Jo Fairfax. Co-choreographer: Naomi Mutoh. Dancers: Naomi Mutoh and Tamami Yamada, Singer Sian Cruz.

Sub Vision 1994 – 1996   Eye Contact Dance Company (ST)  Funded through a British Telecom Award. A national touring multi sensory performance for 12 – 15 blind, visually impaired and sighted dancers involving synaesthesia and the 5 senses. Co-Directors; Isabel Jones and Lewis Jones, Concept Lewis Jones, Co-Choreographers: Guizers Dance Mime Theatre; Keith Barlow and Johnny Haynes. Music Duncan Chapman and Isabel Jones, Design Diane Bailey. Supported by Consultant Bill Gee

House is My Reflection 1994 (ST)     Commissioned by Nott Dance for Bonnington Art Gallery. Toured to Purcell Rooms, South Bank Centre, Tamworth media Centre, and to National Landmark Buildings including The Athenaeum, Burry St Edmunds in Suffolk. Directed and Choreographed by Isabel Jones. Sculptor Jo Fairfax. Co-composers / performers Vivien Ellis and Isabel Jones, Japanese Butoh dancer Naomi Mutoh.

Dreams of Falling and Flying 1993 (ST)               Commissioned by Tamworth Borough Council. Directed / Choreographed by Isabel Jones, Co-composers / Performers Vivien Ellis and Isabel Jones. Sculptor Jo Fairfax

Smell Of the Blue – 1992 – 1993 Eye Contact Dance Company (ST)    Commissioned by Drake Music. A national touring performance for 12 blind, visually impaired and sighted dancers, plus sound beam. Director / choreographer: Isabel Jones. Composers: Duncan Chapman, Isabel Jones and Vivien Ellis, with the company.  Libretto: Lewis Jones, Isabel Jones, and The Company. Design Janet Flynn. Dancers: Okasana Tyminski,

Same Oranges Different Clothes    1992 (ST)         Commissioned by ‘New Works’ Nottingham City for Angel Row Gallery. Dancers Isabel Jones and Peter Byworth, Sculptor Jo Fairfax. Composer Mark Ingleby

In-accessibility – 1991 (ST)                 Nott dance festival Commission from Nottinghamshire County Council for Bonnington Gallery. Nottingham. Co-choreographers Peter Byworth, Isabel Jones and Lee Parkinson. Sculptor: Jo Fairfax. Composer Isabel Jones

Sound Round Robin – 1991 (ST)      Nott dance festival Commission, Nottinghamshire County Council for Bonnington Gallery. For 18 dancers with and without sight, Music composed by Isabel Jones. Choreographed by Isabel Jones, Peter Byworth and the company, Conceptual development Lewis Jones. Bonnington Gallery Nottingham. Design Joe Adams

Resonance – 1991 (ST)                     Commissioned by ‘Nott dance festival Nottinghamshire County Council for Bonnington Gallery.Dancers Isabel Jones and Peter Byworth, Sculptor Jo Fairfax, Composer Isabel Jones

Callanish 1990 (ST)                              The launch of the Bonington gallery Trent University as a performance venue. Dancers: Isabel Jones and Peter Byworth, Sculptor Jo Ingleby and Composer Mark Ingleby. Commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council














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