Image:  The Art of Life and Movement Published by City Arts written by Isabel Jones and Rachel Jones

Reverberations – A chapter for a new book on Britishness in Theatre edited by Patrick Duggan published by Intellect. Authors: Mick Wallis and Isabel Jones writing about salamanda tandem. Published December 2013.,id=5094/

Dance and Disabled People Handbook – Author Isabel Jones published by the Foundation for Community Dance September 2010

Passport to Practice – Author Diane Amans Published by Foundation for Community Dance – section on ‘inclusive dance’ written by Isabel Jones September 2010:

Branded by Art Form – Authors: Kevin Hodgetts and Isabel Jones – this article is one in a new collection of articles published by EMPAF on their website: September 2011

‘Can’t stop Me Shining’ – a digital platform for a human voice – An online article at Mailout magazine‘can’t-stop-me-shining’-–-a-digital-platform-for-a-human-voice/

Embodied textiles for expression and wellbeing- Sarah Kettly, Tina Downs and Isabel Jones a paper presented at ‘Design for Health conference in July 2011 at Sheffield Hallam

The Art of Life and Movement – Isabel Jones and Rachel Jones. Book published by City Arts Nottingham on working with people in their 3rd age and people with dementia.

On Value – Ad Astra our new work performed in Estonia. Salamanda Tandem Summer 2013 CPR Performance Research Magazine

‘Inspired to Continue’ – Arts Professional magazine – an article on Isabel Jones written by Esther Harris May 2013.

Fragile? Symposium – Mailout Magazine – an article on Isabel Jones written by Esther Harris 31st May 2013.

‘Joy Giver’ – Independent on Sunday newspaper and online- feature on Isabel Jones April 2013.

In House Publications:

Project 20: 2009 – 2012 Salamanda Tandem Project 20

Author: Isabel Jones


Project 20: The Provocations 2010 – 2012. 6 Provocations Salamanda Tandem

Multiple Authors


Fragile? Symposium 2013 FRAGILE? Symposium PROGRAMME

Curator: Isabel Jones


Touchstone 2014 Salamanda Tandem TOUCH STONE

Author Isabel Jones


Journey Into Health 2012 NCC Journey Into health Bowling Report 2

Authors: Isabel Jones, Geoffrey Fielding


Older Publications

Salamanda Tandem A Connection Through body and Voice  June 2000

Authors Isabel Jones and Nick Hodge. A publication on Isabel Jones’ working practice with children on the Autistic Spectrum

Salamanda Tandem Informed Choice March 2005

Authors Isabel Jones and Mick Wallis. A national research publication commissioned by Arts Council East Midlands, exploring informed choice and evaluation strategies when collaborating with learning disabled people

Salamanda Tandem Common Work Paper April 2007

Authors Isabel Jones and Kevin Hodgetts. A Paper on Salamanda Tandem’s long term movement, sound, and technology supported environment project ‘Living Room’ written for Common Work held in Glasgow

Conferences, Seminars, Academic Research and Training Courses

a small sample of more recent work below:

2015 – 2016: The Internet of Soft Things research Project; a collaboration between, computer scientists, designers, MIND participants and psychotherapists based at Trent University department of Art and Design. Watch our for Salamanda Tandem’s 3 films produced with MIND co-designers at various national and international symposiums and conferences.

Breathing Space Training Project Spring / Summer 2012 commissioned by Staffordshire County Council. An 8 week programme of training led by Isabel Jones for dancers and musicians working with disabled children

Foundation For Community Dance Summer School July 2014 – Isabel Jones course leader

4th April Symposium  2016 – Ludus Thinks Leeds University PCI. Presentation by Isabel Jones and Mickel Smithen

Orchestras Live Workshops for Orchestral Players and Professional Musicians with Duncan Chapman, Isabel Jones and VIVA Orchestra Feb and March 2014

People Dancing International Conference Nov 2014: Salamanda Tandem presentation with Mickel Smithen Isabel Jones and Kirsty Baker

FCD Dance and Disabled People Residential Course July 2013 led by Isabel Jones

NMPAT Music Training day Northants on peripatetic music teachers working with VI people: led by Mickel Smithen, isabel Jones, Takashi Kikuchi April 2014

NMPAT Music Training Day Jan 2014: for community musicians Led by Isabel Jones

NMPAT Music Training day Oct 2013: for community Musicians in Northamptonshire led by Isabel Jones

Fermynwoods Contemporary Art 2013 – Gesture Seminar Event 6th August, led by Isabel Jones

FCD Summer School Dance and Disabled People July 2013: led by Isabel Jones

Jessie’s Fund Music Interaction Training Day June 2013 Manchester, led by Isabel Jones

Noise Floor Symposium Stafford University – Duncan Chapman and Isabel Jones May 2013

FRAGILE?: EU Funded Symposium Estonia April 2013. 28 events, workshops and seminars led by Curator Isabel Jones

FRAGILE? Call Out for workshops, presentations and art works Closing date October 10th 2012

Dance and Ethics Seminar: Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts Nov 2012 led by Isabel Jones

Therapeutic Dance: Lincoln Centre for Performing arts Nov 2012 led by Isabel Jones

Inclusive Dance Workshop: De’Montfort University Leicester – November 2011 led by Isabel Jones

Dance in The Community Lecture: De’Montfort University – November 2011 led by Isabel Jones

Plymouth University Dance Department –  November 2012 led by Isabel Jones

Plymouth University Psychology and Dance Department  Nov  2012 ( open seminar /event) led by Isabel Jones

Embrace Arts Exhibition March 2012: salamanda tandem exhibit an art work as part of their conference on art and learning disabled people. Experiential Presentation for all delegates led by Isabel Jones

Embrace, Create Connect Conference at Embrace Arts Leicester March 2012 Isabel Jones keynote workshop



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